What is the right Bible for you?

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If you can hear and you want to
know what the bible contains it
could be very beneficial to have
several different recorded copies
of the scriptures. It could be that
no single translation will do for
helping you become an expert
at explaining what the true, right
course is for those who want the
best approval from Our Creator.
While one version may be more
accurate than another, being
able to relate in the poetic style
of another my help those stuck
in false christianity to relate to
what you are explaining. Was
"King James" a true Christian?

It only takes about 80 hours to
hear the entire bible. Twenty
complete listenings will yield
so very much. A "Google" search
for Audio Bibles may result in
finding the complete recorded
bible on CDs or cassettes for
sixty dollars or less. The "King
James" recorded by Alexander
Scourby is an easy one to listen
to in its undramatized version.

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