Sheol Hell?

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This page contains a portion of
each "KJ Old Testament" verse
that has the only word translated
to read "hell" in the Old Testament
so you can see that it is not a hot
place where any bad person is alive
or tortured. The word in Hebrew is
"sheol", and it was often rendered
as grave or pit rather than as "hell".
Jesus, a Jew, used the Holy Word
to teach. As followers of Jesus do
we want to teach differently than did
"the Christ"? True Christianity will do
its best to speak and teach rightly.

Gen 37:35  go down into the grave
Gen 42:38  with sorrow to the grave
Gen 44:29  with sorrow to the grave
Gen 44:31  with sorrow to the grave
Num 16:30  down quick into the pit
Num 32:22  For a fire is kindled in my
anger, and shall burn unto the lowest
hell, and consume the earth...and set
on fire the foundations of the mountains.
1 Sam 2:6  bringeth down to the grave
1 Sam 22:6  sorrows of hell compassed
1 Ki 2:6  go down to the grave in peace
1 Ki 2:9  bring thou down to the grave
Job 7:9  that goeth down to the grave
Job 11:8  deeper than hell: what canst
Job 14:13  Oh...hide me in the grave
Job 17:13  If I wait, the grave is mine
Job 17:16  to the pit: when our rest
Job 21:13  go down to the grave
Job 24:19  so doth the grave
Job 26: 6  Hell is naked before him
Psalm 6:5  in the grave who shall
Psalm 9:17  shall be turned into hell
Psalm 16:10  not leave my soul in hell
Psalm 18:5  the sorrows of hell
Psalm 30:3  my soul from the grave
Psalm 31:17  be silent in the grave
Psalm 49:14  laid in the grave
Psalm 49:14  consumed in the grave
Psalm 55:15  down quick into hell
Psalm 86:13  from the lowest hell
Psalm 88:3  nigh unto the grave
Psalm 89:48  hand of the grave
Psalm 116:3  the pains of hell gat
Psalm 139:8  my bed in hell
Psalm 141:7  at the grave's mouth
Pr 1:12  as the grave...into the pit
Pr 5:5  her steps take hold on hell
Pr 7:27  house is the way to hell
Pr 9:18  in the depths of hell
Pr 15:11  Hell and destruction
Pr 15:24  depart from hell beneath
Pr 23:14  deliver his soul from hell
Pr 27:20  Hell and destruction
Pr 30:16  The grave: and the barren
Ec 9:10  in the grave, whither thou
S of S 8:6  cruel as the grave
Is 5:14  hell hath enlarged herself
Is 14:9  Hell from beneath is moved
Is 14:11  down to the grave
Is 14:15  to pit
Is 28:15  with hell are we
Is 28:18  agreement with hell shall
Is 38:10  to the gates of the grave
Is 38:18  grave cannot...pit cannot
Is 57:9  debase...unto hell.
Ez 31:15  down to the grave
Ez 31:16  down to hell...the pit
Ez  31:17  down into hell
Ez 32:21  the midst of hell
Ez 32:27  down to hell
Hosea 13:14  of the grave...O grave
Amos 9:2  dig into hell
Jonah 2:1,2  fish's...belly of hell
Hab 2:5  desire as hell

Only Numbers 23:22 mentions a
"fire" and it is of "anger" type heat.

Isaiah 33:14 is some times used to
sell "hell", but if you read from vs 10
to 19 you will see the context that
eliminates the hot hell perception.
The word "sheol, hell" is not there.

The next page will deal with "hell"
in the "New Testament" where the
Greek "hades" equals Hebrew "sheol".

What would Jesus say about "sheol"?

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