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By reading various definitions of
the word "satanic" in a number of
quality unabridged dictionaries
you will see that the most
elementary meaning of the term
"satanic" is, "like Satan".

Why is this important for those
wanting Our Creator's approval?

If one is claiming to be one of
God's people, or particularly a
"Christian" and they intentionally
and or with regularly or
in important circumstances
display or present an action that
can be traced back to Satan as
the originator of the noted
conduct would that conduct
define one as "satanic"
according to proclamations,
that is, the words of Jesus?

Talk is cheap, as the saying goes.
Anyone can claim they are a Jew
or a Christian or one of God's
people by any other designation,
but when the rules set down by
Our Creator are examined to see
if a particular individual is inside
the allowable parameters of His
definition of "a satanic" or "one
of my people", what is the truth?

"evil men and seducers shall wax
worse and worse, deceiving, and
being deceived." 2 Ti 3:13, KJ
"be not deceived" Luke 21:8, KJ
"Let no man deceive you" Eph 5:6
"Let no man deceive himself."
1 Corinthians 3:18

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"the satanics"

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