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Psalm 111:9,10
holy and reverend is His name.
The fear of the
LORD is the
beginning of wisdom

Mark 10:18
Why callest thou me good?
there is none good but one,
that is God.

With words like these in His Holy
Word, why would so many accept
or even ask for such lofty and
undeserved titles that are equal
to, or even way beyond what
Jesus would accept for himself?
Titles that are even superior to
Jesus Father's "Reverend".
Notice that Jesus said that he
was not equal to his father, in
that His Father was "Good", but
that by comparison he was not
"Good". What then should we
think of people who accept a
title superior to what the Holy
Scriptures give to Our Creator?

If you do not care what God
thinks of you, why should I care
what you think of me?

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