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A few days after posting these web
pages critical of those in and
out of politics who claim to be
"Christians", or to "uphold the U S
or State Constitutions" and or who
kill innocent people in war a phone
call came from the Akron Health
Department stating that an
inspection was due on your home
and that if it was not in compliance
a "Condemned Order" would be
issued and I would have to vacate
the house. The first such attack
came after passing out about 2000
pieces of literature on the "Kent
State" campus that had a similar
message. Coincidence or dirty
Republican trick? If a trick then
it would mean those hard line
condemnations saying "Russian
communists do not allow freedom
of speech against the Russian
government and they do not allow
freedom of religion" could in some
cases apply to American Republicans
Perhaps not
Republicans but rather an attack
by someone in a religion which
allows its members to follow
political orders to kill and does
not allow them to promote "true
Christianity" as Jesus requested.
Why this posting?
One, a warning; If you try to use
your Constitutional Rights to
promote true Christianity and
speak out against the killing
of innocent people in warfare,
you may come under attack from
police and politically empowered
tax supported agencies. Two, a
second warning; The depression
that can come from being under
attack from those who take your
tax dollars and use them against
you for political or religious gain
can be quite devastating and some
who have studied it say the effects
of the depression can be very
harmful to one's delicate brain.
Does the punishment fit the
offence? Is some clutter that is
causing no problem as bad as
being kicked out onto the street
where real harm can come? Is
taking your "live on" money and
giving it to a lawyer to help you
out of the contrived jam a part
of a monetary rape plan that is
designed to silence the little guy
who wants to use his meager
income to try to promote true
Christianity so as to help make
the world a better place? They
say telling someone who cares
can have a relieving effect if
one has been sexually molested.
Psychological, physical and legal
molestations also hurt. It is quite
possible no one who is of the
type to care will read these words.
It is hoped that writing them will
help relieve some of the very
devastating and debilitating pain
and trauma and possibly help
someone else who has or will
suffer some similar molestation.
It is possible no Internet search
engines will ever pick up this
site and post it to inquiries in a
location where it will be seen
by many others so if you find it
and want to create a link so it
may be seen by others on
"my space.com" or another
site please do so, or share this
site with your friends. And Thank
You for any feelings of sympathy
and any prayers you may offer.

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