Who lies like the devil?

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When Jesus words at John 8:44
indicate that the devil is the first
liar and the first human killer
was he lying? When "Webster"
indicated that doing like satan
earns one the designation of
"satanic" was he lying? If one
indicates they are a "Christian"
and they do like satan did, are
they being a liar? Did Jesus
give his followers permission
to be followers of satan and
do the evil deeds he did? Do
you think Jesus will recant and
invite satan's followers into his
house just because they lie and
say they are Christians?

Pathological liars do not lie all
the time, sometimes they go for
quite some time just telling the
truth, in a sense building up
what might be considered as
credibility or political capital.

The question might be ask "Do I
want to know and tell the same
truths that Jesus told and would
tell today and accept any hatred
and persecution that might come
because of doing so, or do I want
to tell lies and disseminate wrong
information like millions of others
in order to get their approval?"

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