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True Christianity Evangelism
does what it does because it
believes Our Creator has the
right answers as to how the
people who want his approval
should function, including what
they should believe and what
they should do with their mental
ability, physical ability and their
monetary and other assets. The
scriptures indicate Our Creator
loves a person who gives in a
cheerful manner toward his goals
for mankind, however many are
doing satan's work in misleading
others as to how and what Our
Creator wants done. This work
is not intended to be the end of
one's learning about what a true
spiritual Jew or a true Christian
should be, but rather it is just a
free nudge in the right direction,
for which the expectation is that
if the work is done rightly the
appropriate rewards will come,
not from humans but from Our
Creator and his son Christ Jesus.
Any monetary gift sent to help
this work will be considered "a
gift to Our Creator and his son
Jesus, and all will hopefully be
used to their best advantage".
How does Our Creator evaluate
gifts to him and his work? The
examples found in Matthew 25
and the account of the poor
widow of Luke 12 giving two
small coins indicates Our Creator
evaluates one's giving according
to one's ability to give.

It is hoped that most people's
giving will be the sort where they
study the bible to the point where
they have an abundance of
accurate bible knowledge with
which to prepare a large, healthy,
spiritually accurate scriptural
meal to give to those who are
very much less endowed with
accurate knowledge from Our
Creator. (see Luke 14)

The "make a donation" plea is
for those who feel they have more
than they can personally put to a
good use for Our Creator and feel
this work could use some help
with some of its projects.

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