New Testament Hell

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Did and does Jesus know what
"hades hell", "gehenna hell" and
"tartarus hell" are? Are you willing
to learn from Jesus what he knew?

Acts 2:31 "hades" is a quotation of
Psalm 6:10 "sheol", so "hades hell"
equals "sheol hell". A portion of
each "hades hell" verse follows.
Hades is also rendered "grave".

Mt 11:23  brought down to hell
Mt  16:18  the gates of hell
Luke 10:15  down to hell
Lu 16:23  in torments
Lu 16:24  tormented in flame
Parable? See Lu 15:3 to 16:31
Acts 2:27  not hell
Acts 2:31  not left in hell
1 Cor 15:55  O grave, where
Rev 1:18  keys of hell...death
Rev 6:8  Death, and hell followed
Rev 20:13  death and hell gave up
Rev 20:14  hell and death were

Jesus used "gehenna hell" to
symbolize destruction. To get the
proper prospective see Joshua 15:8
"valley of Hinnom (ge Henna) and a
map of Jerusalem in Jesus time
where "the dung gate" leads to
where the dung and other trash
and dead criminals were burned
up to keep the odor and the flies
and the buildup down. A portion
of each verse follows.

Mt 5:22  danger of hell fire
Mt 5:29  cast into hell
Mt 5:30  cast into hell
Mt 10:28  destroy...body in hell
Mt 18:9  cast into hell fire
Mt 23:15  child of hell twofold
Mt 23:33  judgment of hell
Mk 9:43  into hell...the fire
Mk 9:45  into hell...the fire
Mk 9:47  into hell fire
Lu 15:5  cast into hell
James 3:6  on fire by hell

"Tartarus hell" only refers to a
place of angel confinement.

2 Pe 2:4  the lower hell...torments

Do not be misled, study each and
every verse in context till you know
what was being said. Listen to the
entire bible all the way through till
you are confident that the picture
you may have been shown, of the
devil and bad humans in a place
of fiery torment is not supported
in the bible. Notice at Rev 20:14
"death (which cannot burn) and
hell" are "cast into the lake of fire"
which is, or represents the second
death", a death from which there
will be no resurrection as it is with
the first death resulting from the
first Adam's sinful detrimental
effect on all his descendants.

What would Jesus say?
What would he do?
Would he tell the truth?
Does he want you to tell
the truth?

The next page is about "hell"
in the Koran, please study the
Bible "hell" thoroughly enough so
that you know what the truth of it
is before you try coming to a
conclusion as to if and why there
may be differences between the two.

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