Upholding the Constitution

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True Christianity Evangelism had
several projects essentially killed
by those, past and present, who
have governed the State of Ohio,
if what we have been told is true
about Constitutional provisions
for equal benefit and for equal
protection for all religions, for
our freedom of speech and the
right to not be dictated to as to
how to best accomplish Our
Creator's goals. The hiring of
lawyers to get or advance these
rights in the Ohio Supreme Court
cost True Christianity Evangelism
$14,000 and hundreds of hours
of work that should have been
put to Our Creator's purposes.
Printing and mailing of a free
Bible game, production of a
free video on how to write songs
that are not offensive to Our
Creator and people of high
moral standards and knowledge
of Our Creator's truths, displays
of encouragements to live the
way we should and messages
to "Hollywood" to refrain from
encouraging lower morals and
wrong religious practices.

True Christianity Evangelism v
Tracy and True Christianity
Evangelism v Zaino

True Christianity Evangelism
accepts monetary gifts into its
general operations account only.
Any project fulfillment will be
done as the spirit, finances,
general circumstances and the
need seems to dictate.

This ministry has functioned on
voluntary work, without hourly
or salaried employees for 40
years, but this circumstance may
change as conditions change.

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