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How easy is it to become a loser in God's
eyes? How easy is it for the Governments
of the world or others to prevent one who
has great love for Jesus from receiving a
promised reward from Our Creator? If the
U.S.Government or any State government
should function in a way that allows its
human components to use any physical or
psychological pressures to discourage any
from living up to Our Creator's Will, would
that  prove it has a satanic nature? Is every
official in Government suppose to swear an
oath to uphold each of our Constitutional
rights? Do Satan's agents at times oppose
the faithful if they see an advantage? Have
some ministers surrendered to Satan's will?

Why does the scripture, James 2:1-9, say we
should not be respecters of persons and what
does that mean? Does it mean that none of us
should corrupt our correct beliefs to support
or befriend a person of wealth, prominence,
or importance? To put in other words, if a
poor person of low estate is speaking the
truth we would not side with one of societies
important who we know to be wrong rather
than with the poor or foreign truthful person.

There are some parallel situations recorded in
the Bible that were given as physical examples
in the Hebrew Scriptures that have a spiritual
trump in the Christian Scriptures, for example,
the Jews were heading for a physical place but
Christians are suppose to have a desire to see
the coming of and want to get into the Holy City,
Heavenly, New Jerusalem. (Rev 3:12) Satan and
his agents want to stop this from happening.
How? If one sees another sinning a sin that is
unto death and withholds disapproval one may
also receive disapproval. (Ez 3:18) If one who
claims to be a Christian or a spiritual Jew is
not engaged in an effort to encourage others
to live up to the true standards, values, beliefs
and practices of true Christianity then that
person could be said to be practicing spiritual
Onanism, (Gen 38:7-10), for which there seems
to be a very severe penalty if the physical afore
type was meant to teach us as Rom 15:4-6 &
2Tim 3:16 indicated it was. Since the official
temple records were destroyed in 70 CE, Jesus
appears to be the only Jew with the record of
his lineage left intact, as it is recorded in the
Holy Scriptures. I have heard an opinion that
Jesus was not a legitimate child, and therefore
not a legal Jew, but who today has a more
legitimate claim that can be backed up with
the official continuous temple records and
the resulting legitimate lineage? Why ask this
question? To illustrate the only way one may
be adopted into God's family, that is, through
the linage of Christ Jesus in a spiritual sense,
by living up to what Jesus expects of his
followers good enough so he will not tell you
"Get away!", see Matt 12:50 "If they hear not
Moses and the prophets, neither will they be
persuaded, though one rose from the dead".
(Luke 16:31) "For had ye believed Moses, ye
would have believed me: for he wrote of me".
(John 5:46) "Teach them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded you" Matt 28:20
"We ought to obey God rather than men".
(Acts 5:29)  "to no man evil for evil", "live
peaceably with all men." (Rom 12:17,18) Would
you rather go against what Jesus wants?

Are people judged primarily by the good
they do or by the evil? (Ez 33:13, Hag 2:12-14)
If one is judged by only the good, then
perhaps there are some who could have
pleaded a case of sainthood for the likes
of Adolf or Saddam. There is a common saying
"Once a liar, one can change, make amends
and become honest. Once a murderer always
a murderer".  Does the truth of that statement
also apply to the likes of some of this world's
governments? If those who are trying to
establish a government kill some relatively
innocent people does that make the resulting
government an illegitimate murderous entity?
If God gives you something on the condition
that you live up to his expectations in order to
keep it, then you rebel and he takes it away
from you, do you have a right to kill relatively
innocent people in order to get it back? See
Hosea 9. Would doing such evil put you in
line for the strong denunciation Jesus gave to
all who would hear his voice at John 8:44?

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