the Koran or the Bible

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The words of the Koran indicate
that it was written by the same
God that wrote the Bible yet there
is a huge difference between the
conclusions one would come to
about Hell and the relationship of
believers and non-believers to it if
one were to read every location in
both that refers to Hell. Why
would this be if the same God
wrote both? If the same God did
write both as the Koran claims
would all dedicated Muslims
have a great incentive to study
the Bible thoroughly in order
to learn more about how to
find a great favor from Our
Creator by learning all that the
Bible has in it as an instruction
for gaining His approval and
eternal life and happiness in
paradise conditions?

The ideas above found in the
Koran can be viewed on the
Koran Hell page by clicking this
"The Cow, Sura II (2) :80+"
"The Table, Sura V (5) :45-55"

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