the real hell in your own bible

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Reading each place in your bible
where the words, sheol, hades,
gehenna, and tartarus occur
will show a better picture of
what hell is than the word of
people who have not done the
work needed to find the truth.
These are the words rendered
as hell in the bible, though they
are not always translated as hell.
The listings are from the (KJ),
King James, Protestant, the
(Dy) Douay, Catholic and the
(IL) Isaac Leeser, Jewish bibles.
Variations in verse locations
will be noted following the King
James location, the first listing.

Hebrew word sheol; Ge 37:35
Ge 42:38, Ge 44:29,31, Nu 16:30,33,
De 32:22, 1Sa 2:6, 1Ki 2:6(Dy),
2Sa 22:6, 2Ki 22:6(Dy), 1Ki 2:6,9,
3Ki 2:6,9(Dy), Job 7:9, Job 11:8,
Job 14:13, Job 17:13,16, Job 21:13,
Job 24:19, Job 26:6, Ps 6:5,
Ps 6:6(IL&Dy), Ps 9:17, 9:18(IL),
Ps 9:18(Dy), Ps 16:10, 15:10(Dy),
Ps 18:5, Ps 18:6(IL), Ps 17:6(Dy),
Ps 30:3, Ps 30:4(IL), Ps 29:4(Dy),
Ps 31:17,  31:18(IL), 30:18(Dy),
Ps 49:14,15, Ps 49:15,16(IL),
Ps 48:15,16(Dy), Ps 55:15, :16(IL),
Ps 54:16(Dy) Ps 86:13, 85:13(Dy),
Ps 88:3, 88:4(IL), 87:4(Dy),
Ps 89:48, 89:49(IL), 88:49(Dy),
Ps 116:3, 114:3(Dy), Ps 139:8,
Ps 138:8(Dy), Ps 141:7, :8(IL),
Ps 140:7(Dy), Pr 1:12, Pr 5:5,
Pr 7:7, Pr 9:18, Pr 15:11, Pr 15:24,
Pr 23:14, Pr 27:20, Pr 30:16,
Ec 9:10, SS 8:6, Ca 8:6, Is 5:14,
Is 14:9,11,15, Is 28:15,18, Is 38:10,
Is 38:18, Is 57:9, Ez 31:15,16,17,
Ez 32:21,27, Ho 13:14, Os(Dy),
Am 9:2, Jon 2:2, Hab 2:5.

The Greek word Hades of Ac 2:31
is the same as Sheol of Ps 16:10.
Mt 11:23, Mt 16:18, Lu 10:15,
Lu 16:23, 16:22(Dy)(see Lu 15:1
to 17:18, 1Cor 15:20, Joh 3:13)
Ac 2:27,31, 1Cor 15:55, Re 1:18,
Ap 1:18(Dy), Re 6:8, Ap 6:8(Dy),
Re 20:13,14, Ap 20:13,14(Dy).

Greek Gehenna, see Joshua 15:8
and Jerusalem maps of that time,
notice the dung gate leading to.
Mt 5:22,29,30, Mt 10:28, Mt 18:9,
Mt 23:15,33, Mk 9:43,45,47,
Mk 9:42,44,46(Dy), Lu 12:5, Ja 3:6.

Greek Tartarus 2Pe 2:4, only
angles confined there.

Conclusion? You can believe and
support what Jesus believed or
you can give him the "Buzz Off!"
sign and stand against him.

Almost anyone can believe what
ever they want to believe. The
honorable stance for anyone
who wants to think of them self
as a friend of Jesus is to take
the flack for believing like him.

After looking up all these verses
and marking your list yes or no
at each verse for hot or not you
can listen to the entire bible to
see if there are other honest
contradictions to the only right
and honest conclusion. Got the
courage to be on Jesus side?
Would you rather be with the
other millions of humans who
have taken a stand against him?
Don't let default, be your fault.

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