If just saying it made it so

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Perhaps you have seen something
to the effect "once saved always
saved", or "just ...and you will be
saved", or "all you have to do is
ask". Perhaps someone has said,
"you don't need to read the bible
just listen to me and I'll tell you
all you need to know". How many
parents do you know who are
smart enough to start with a
bucket of dust and water and
then design, engineer, chemically
manipulate, and assemble a baby
human from the elements? Why
do some prefer the word of mere
imperfect, vastly mentally and
intellectually inferior humans
over the "Word of God"? If you
really want to know the answers
to such a degree of perfection
that you will be able to give the
right answer to someone else,
just because you want to assist
Our Creator in his effort to have
all come to know his goodness,
you will not let others continue
to misinform you, but you will
rather seek God's answers from
His Holy Word.

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