Does Our Creator Have "People"?

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Matthew 12:50
"whosoever shall do the will of
my Father which is in heaven,
the same is my brother, and
sister, and mother."

Matthew 7:22,23
"many will say to me...Lord, Lord
...I will profess...depart from me"

Deuteronomy 18:13
be perfect with the
LORD thy God
(doctrinally, morally, ethically)

Psalms 37:9
evildoers shall be cut off

Matthew 5:48
be ye therefore perfect
(bring ...the poor, the maimed,
the halt, and the blind. Mt 15:21)

consider these words; broke-ish,
honest-ish, christian-ish, jewish

Matthew 10:22
And ye shall be hated...,but he
(they) that endureth to the end
shall be saved.

Endures what? Persecution for
being a satanicly oriented false
christian or false jew? Are there
certain ethical, moral and legal
parameters that must be kept to
be qualified by Our Creator as a
genuine recipient of such title?

Some things that happened or
were to happen in a physical
action with the early Jews seems
to foreshadow what would take
place in a spiritual sense with
Christians. What? As you read
or listen to the Scriptures pay
attention to phrases like "shall
be cut off from their people".
What does God mean when he
says "cut off"? No longer a part
of the acceptable, inheriting
community? What does it mean
to be a heathen, in God's eyes?

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