Questions Begging for Answers

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The politicians sworn oath to
uphold the Constitution, more
often a lie, or the truth?

"Constitutional  Rights", backed
by the full faith and trust of the
U.S. Government, or too often
more of a propaganda tool?

What percentage of those who
profess to be Christians actually
function close enough to God's
rules to pass his inspection?

Do the people today who call
themselves "Jewish" have a "God
Given Right!" to possess the city
land known as Jerusalem?

How often has monetary
terrorism led to physical violence

Are Christians allowed to
function in a greedy, monetary
rapist manner without loosing
their Creator's approval?

Is a person who dies because
of monetary terrorism any less
dead than one who dies because
of physical violence terrorism?

To how many of earth's people
today should the thought apply
which says, "And when ye spread
forth your hands, I will hide mine
eyes from you: yea, when ye make
many prayers, I will not hear: your
hands are full of blood."?
Isaiah 1:15

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